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Lonny wide.jpg

We rescued Lonny Bear from a kill shelter, through Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. He was elderly, diabetic and obese, but Tracey got him to lose 50 pounds, and he surprisingly lived for another six and a half years, outliving expectations for a large dog (part Newfoundland, parts Husky and other).

Later on, he needed a wheelchair.

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tall FonzieApr2018 copy 2.jpg

Fonzie was rescued from a feral colony on Google land.




Trogdor was raised by a dog, but didn't quite sit up like a dog (or a cat either).


He also fell asleep sitting up. That's kitten Fonzie in the back, sleeping like a normal cat.


Peanut is our current rescue, an old stray with an underbite and derpy tongue, found wandering the streets of Stockton.

Fonzie accompanies Peanut on his walks every day. Here it looks like Fonzie is thinking, "Well, are you coming or not?"

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